Professional Storyteller

Professional Storyteller

I am a professional storyteller.  

My audience consists of far-flug business types who want to understand the world around them, yet are at a loss in speaking the language.  They face a crisis, attempting to meet heavy demands with few tools to shape the path.  They're hurried with little time to ponder the questions faced daily.  This is why they turn to me.

You see, my stories address their problems head-first, parables that come in the form of charts and tables.  I get the opportunity to dive into their data and pull from the bottom the answers that they seek.  More than just pie charts and and a few line graphs, I help provide decision-making tools.

How is this telling a story, you say?

We are inundated with data.  Data from Google on search patterns.  Data from cell phones on whereabouts of the population.  Data from stores on shopping habits--did that person really just buy discount laundry detergent and organic produce?  

What's important from this is understanding how we live today, how we think, and what we value.  Call it anthropology.  Call it the Myth of Modern Man.  Call it curiosity.

In the past, we shared oral stories of our history.  As we grew and matured, we documented these stories in books.  Computers allow us to take this one step farther: we can now tweet a thought or share a few seconds of our lives in video.  We can snap through conversations with strangers.  We can also look at the overall trend of these actions and understand, as a collective, who is doing what.  

Storytelling with numbers allows us to take a glimpse at the conversations and find the reoccurring chords.  What's important?  What's valued?  Where are we headed?  While my tools may include Tableau Software, SQL, R Studio and a host of other acronyms, my focus remains unchanged: I am a professional storyteller.

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